Be Your Own Wayfinder: Essential Oils Class

Join us for an essential oils class and all they can do for you. Thursday, 18 October, 6:30pm with Megan David.

Welcome to the best friends you didn’t know you needed! Essential oils are beautiful powerhouses that strengthen every system of the body, support emotional balance, and can propel a deeper dive in prayer and meditation. Just one oil can have abundant uses, including sleep support, relief for aching muscles, enhanced skin care, immune defense, and chemical free household cleaning.


You know the way you want to go in life! Put on the spirit of adventure and learn how you can trailblaze in your own health and well-being. We will cover the science and the art of oils, and the very simple, practical ways you can use them for yourself, your kids, your pets, and your household. And since the holidays are coming, we will be sure to cover stress relief, immune support, and a cozy home! See you there!