KIDS vs ADULTS Returns: 2022 Summer Library Program Starts June 13

The 2022 Summer Library Program is here! This year's program, OCEANS of POSSIBILITIES, runs June 13 - July 23, and it's full of fun things to do and learn! And prizes!

For Everyone: Our KIDS vs ADULTS Reading Challenge was so much fun last year that we decided to bring it back this year. Like last year, you will register for the Summer Library Program on Beanstack, and it is there that you will keep track of how many pages you read. Once a week, Rachael and Kirbie will total the number of pages read and add the corresponding number of boats (each boat equals 1,000 pages) to the big maps in the front window. After you've registered on Beanstack, come to the library to pick up the corresponding materials for your age group.

For Kids 0-12: Story Time! Yoga Story Time! Crafts! Double Pages Thursdays! Graybeard the Pirate! The best place to keep track of everything going on is to check our CALENDAR. (Craft programs will require registration due to limited space and needing to have the right amount of supplies. Registration for these will start on June 13 at the library.) Additionally, NEW this year, find Jane the Jellyfish! She's a cute stuffed animal that will be hidden in a different spot in the library once per week, and when you find her, you can tell a librarian where you found her to earn a small prize! There will also be Grand Prize Drawings for both the 0-2 age group and the 3-12 age group; specific instructions are on the materials you'll pick up at the library after registering on Beanstack.

For Teens 13-17: In addition to logging the number of pages you read on Beanstack, come to the library to check out as many books as you can carry! Every single book you check out will earn you a Scratch-Off ticket--you'll either win a small prize right away or be eligible to enter the Grand Prize Drawing.

For Adults: We are doing a hybrid Beanstack/paper challenge, similar to last year's. You'll register for the program on Beanstack, and you'll pick up your paper packet at the library. Just like last year, there will be a super cool Grand Prize!