Your Garden Can Feed You All Year (with Megan Cain)

We are thrilled to welcome Megan back to Deerfield!

With the right planning you can eat food from your garden all year long. This fun and interactive workshop will teach you how to have your earliest harvest ever in spring, keep the momentum going in summer through succession planting, and have a robust fall garden that feeds you all the way to holiday gatherings. Using simple techniques, you can extend the fruits of your labor into more months of the year so you're getting the most food possible from your garden.

Megan Cain is a garden educator, writer and speaker. She developed one of the first youth gardening programs in Madison, has designed and installed gardens in many homeowners’ yards, managed a 1/4 acre youth farm, worked on CSA farms, created a series of gardening class that often have waiting lists, and tends to a large home garden.