Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Do you have a stuffed animal that would like to spend the night at the Deerfield Public Library? On February 21st they’ll get the chance! If you’re enrolled in Deerfield Elementary School, you’ll be able to pick up your registration form there, and then bring your animal to school with you on February 21st to drop them off! If you aren’t (you are too young for school yet or you are homeschooled), you can drop them off at the library that day (no earlier please due to minimal storage). It’s very important the forms are filled out properly - this will make sure we can get your stuffie back to you, and let us get to know them a little before they’re left in our care. When they spend the night here they’ll be guaranteed a ton of library fun: checking out books, storytime, crafts, and more!

Background of black and white books overlaid with text about the Stuffed Animal Sleepover on February 21