Youth Services


Story Time is offered Wednesdays from 10:00 until 10:30 a.m.  Stories are chosen with 2- to 5- year-olds in mind. This is a great social opportunity for children and a great opportunity for parents and caretakers to meet other members of the community.

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Registration for the Summer Library Program may be over, but there are still fun and exciting things to do at the library even if you missed registration! There are still opportunities to READ MORE, LEARN MORE, and STAY SMART! Check out the info below to see what's still going on!




Read-To-Me Club  (infant through entering Kindergarten)

Parents, set a goal and keep track of the number of books you read to your child between June 11 and July 31 using the One-More-Book-Smarter Chart. Make sure you fill your mini treasure chest (picked up when you registered) with the mini rocks you earn for reading with your child! Earn one rock or gem for each day you read at least 15 minutes. Come to the library, whenever you can, to choose your earned rocks with your child from our selection of rocks. (Keep track of how many you earn on the calendar you received with your registration packet.) Bring in your completed reading chart between July 24 and August 5 and your child will receive a FREE BOOK and BUBBLES.

TODDLER STORY TIME  10:00-10:30 a.m. Wednesdays, June 13 — July 25. Enjoy great stories and fun activities with your child. Build a stronger mind and body!  Registration not required. Ages 2-5.

Tiny Tots WEEKLY DRAWING: age 5 and under. Read at least 10 books a week with your child age 5 and under and enter into a weekly drawing for a BOARD BOOK. Limit one entry per week. Limit one book per child during the summer program. 

WOW-WEE “100” : Age 5 and under. Read 100 books with your child between June 11 and July 31 and enter to win a LITTLE PUPPET THEATER. If you start reading on June 11, the first day of the summer program, that’s just a little over two books a day! Reading the same book multiple times counts each time you read it. Drawing to be held August 1. Limit one entry per child.



Rockin'  Readers Club (entering 1st through 6th Grade)  Set and achieve your own reading goal for the summer starting June 11 through July 31. Use your reading tracker sheet to keep track of the minutes you read. Make sure you fill your mini treasure chest (picked up when you registered) with the mini rocks you earn for reading! Earn one rock or gem for each day you read at least 15 minutes. Come to the library, whenever you can, to choose your earned rocks from our selection of rocks. (Keep track of how many you earn on the calendar you received with your registration packet.) Finally, return your completed reading tracker sheet between July 26 and August 4 to receive a FREE BOOK and BUBBLES. If you didn’t make it in for all the rocks you earned during the program, make sure you pick them up when you pick up your book!

GLUE, Pound, Twist…Wahlah!  1 – 2 p.m. Wednesdays, June 20 – July 25.  It’s crafty/buildy/gamey Wednesdays! One activity or craft is offered each week. Sign up at the library during registration week (June 11-16) so you can read about and choose the specific activities you’re interested in. Limit 25 participants for each activity, unless otherwise noted. Ages 6 and up, unless otherwise noted.

BeTWEEN THE BOOK CLUB  (Ages 10-13)  2 - 2:45p.m. Thursdays. Our first meeting will be on June 14 so we can talk about things we will be doing in the club and you can get the first book we will be reading. We will be reading one book every two weeks. Books will be discussed on June 28, July 12, & July 26. We’ll also have fun with a BOOK-BUZZ-OFF game (questions will be asked about the book, buzzers will be buzzed, the speediest will enjoy bite-size pieces of sugary goodness). NEVER A TEST—JUST FUN! Snacks and Koolaid/water provided at every meeting! Stop in at the library to sign up, or send an email to Pick up the first book at the library between June 11 and June 27.

BOOKWORMS Weekly Drawing  (Going-into-1st-grade thru going-into-6th grade)  Put in one entry for every 15 minutes you read. A prize bag will be given away every Monday from June 18 through July 30 (not July 2), after each Monday performer program. You need not be present to win. Limit one prize bag per person during the summer program.

BOOKWORMS Grand Prize Drawing  (Going-into-1st-grade thru going-into-6th grade)  Read 6 hours or more during the Summer Library Program and enter into a drawing for a GRAND PRIZE. Ask for your entry ticket whenever you have reached 6 hours or more of reading (from June 12 through July 31). Limit one entry per person. Deadline for entering is July 31. Drawing will be held August 1. You need not be present to win.



Teen Readers Club (entering Grade 7 and up)  Set your own goal of books/minutes you will read between June 11 and July 31. You will receive a reading tracker to keep track of your books/minutes. Return your completed reading tracker between July 26 and August 4 to receive a FREE book and water bottle. Feel free to take a treasure chest when you register and collect your own rocks/gems for every day you read. You know you can’t resist!         

OR, if this isn't quite what you're looking for, try the Teen Advisory Board….

Teen Advisory Board (T.A.B.) BOOK CLUB (ages 13-18)

TAB members receive a pre-selected list of book titles. As a group, choose one at a time to read and discuss—one per week for six weeks. In early August, we will have a pizza party and book grab as the grand finale to the program. Our first meeting will be Thursday, June 14 at 1:00p.m. so you can pick up the first book we will be reading, and we can discuss how the meetings work. You can come in or call the library to sign up and get more information, or email Gail at Snacks are provided at every meeting.

July 9 @ 6:30p.m. -  ANIMATION WORKSHOP with JASON LOVE for ages 12 and up. All cameras and tripods as well as other interactive props needed to engage in the magical process of stop-motion animation are provided. He will teach the basic concepts of animation and provide participants with multiple digital animation activities.





MONDAY ENTERTAINMENT HOUR at 1:00 p.m.  (All of these 1:00 programs last from 45 minutes to an hour.)


July 23  –  STEPHANIE FEUERSTEIN—NATURALIST.  Learn more about this earth we live on. What makes it work? How can we appreciate it more?  One very important member of our earth community is the WORM. Let’s do some hands-on learning. This is some cool stuff! LIMIT 50 WORM HANDLERS, so come early to make sure you make a wormy friend.       


July 30  –  (ICE CREAM) PARTY FOR THE PERSISTENT! Did you make a humongously great effort to reach your reading goal this summer? Join us to make some ICE CREAM SUNDAES on this last Monday of the summer library program. We’ll have tons of toppings to create your best sundae ever! (Maybe not TONS of toppings, but enough to make your ice cream DEEEEElicious.) Yum!

Note: If you need accommodations to attend these programs,

please call 764-8102 two weeks in advance.


THURDAY MOVIE MATINEE – Every Thursday at 3:00p.m., from June 21 through July 26, we will feature much-loved movies for you to watch at the library. Pull up a chair or a pillow or a sleeping bag and strain your eyes for the next hour and a half-ish for some movie-time fun. You’ll have to provide the pillows or sleeping bags. We’ll provide the chairs and popcorn. No registration necessary—just show up! Movies will be rated “G” or “PG”.

July 19: Peter Rabbit   July 26: Leap


GOLD BRICKS for BRAINS is back! — You know all that reading you’re doing? We take that extra brain power you’re acquiring and use it to SOLVE PUZZLES. The librarians will come up with a common phrase known by most everyone (like a song lyric or nursery rhyme) and write it out on the library whiteboard using blank spaces with numbers to represent the letters. Grab a puzzle card at the front counter every day you visit the library—the card will have a letter from the phrase on one side and a number on the other. Match up the number on the card to the number on our whiteboard. Eventually enough letters will be on the whiteboard for someone to figure out what the phrase is. Be the first to guess the phrase correctly and win a fabulously heavy GOLD BRICK! We’ll always start a new puzzle after we solve the current  puzzle. And we’ll give away a gold brick every time a puzzle is solved. Will YOU earn a gold brick this summer?? Limit 2 cards a day, but visit us as often as you'd like in a day.  


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READ MORE, LEARN MORE, STAY SMART during the summer!

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