Summer Library Program


The 2018 Summer Library Program is over (except for Gold Bricks for Brains!), but you can still READ MORE, LEARN MORE, STAY SMART during the summer! Stop by often to keep up on that brain development!


GOLD BRICKS for BRAINS! — You know all that reading you’re doing? We take that extra brain power you’re acquiring and use it to SOLVE PUZZLES. The librarians will come up with a common phrase known by most everyone (like a song lyric or nursery rhyme) and write it out on the library whiteboard using blank spaces with numbers to represent the letters. Grab a puzzle card at the front counter every day you visit the library—the card will have a letter from the phrase on one side and a number on the other. Match up the number on the card to the number on our whiteboard. Eventually enough letters will be on the whiteboard for someone to figure out what the phrase is. Be the first to guess the phrase correctly and win a fabulously heavy GOLD BRICK! We’ll always start a new puzzle after we solve the current  puzzle. And we’ll give away a gold brick every time a puzzle is solved. Will YOU earn a gold brick this summer?? Limit 2 cards a day, but visit us as often as you'd like in a day.  





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